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Big Wall Aiders & Daisy Chains

Aiders & Daisy Chains


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  1. Metolius Easy Aider

    Metolius Easy Aider

    Aider version of the Easy Daisy Makes the ultimate ascender sling Wide, comfortable foot stirrups buckle securely in place Overall length: 94" (2388 mm) ¾" (19 mm) nylon webbing 7.5 oz. (213 g) Strength: 1.3 kN (300 lbf) Specify right or left (labeled and color coded) FOR BODY-WEIGHT USE ONLY Learn More

  2. Yates Adjustable Daisy

  3. Sterling Rope Chain Reactor

    Sterling Rope Chain Reactor

    The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. The Standard Chain Reactor is available in 4 colors: Red, Neon Green, Blue and Black. The Pro has a doubled tether connection, ideal for institutions or guide services, comes in Neon Green. The Long with 4 additional loops is offered in Red and Neon Green (all have Black middle links) Serves as a full strength, extension of the "tie in point" of a harness Extends a rappel device Allows for a clean disconnect when rappelling into deep pools of water Provided fast and adjustable options when connecting to anchors Facilitates partner rescue, pick offs, and setting anchors. Nylon webbing absorbs energy in the event of a fall at the anchor. Kayakers: Use as a tow/rescue line Climbers: Replacement of the daisy chain Arborists: It is perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems Learn More

  4. Black Diamond Six Step Etrier

    Black Diamond Six Step Etrier

    An essential webbing ladder for aid climbing. Reinforced steps for ease 25 mm (1 in) webbing with reinforced clip-in and ballast point Available in five and six steps Sold individually Tech Specs Weight : 240 g (8.5 oz) Strength : 10 kN (2248 lbf) Learn More

  5. Black Diamond Alpine Aiders

    Black Diamond Alpine Aiders

    A lightweight version of the Etrier, perfect for the mountains or in-a-day big wall missions. Reinforced five-step design 16 mm (5/8 in) nylon webbing is very compact Designed for free routes with a few moves of aid Sold individually Tech Specs Weight : 120 g (4.2 oz) Strength : 6 kN (1349 lbf) Learn More

  6. Black Diamond Five Step Etrier

  7. Metolius Easy Daisy Chain

  8. Yates Nylon Daisy Chain
    Reg. $24.20 to $25.30

  9. Metolius Ultimate Daisy Chain

    Metolius Ultimate Daisy Chain

    Each loop is rated to 22 kN (4950 lbf), eliminating the pocket failure problem of traditional daisies The only daisy to pass the CE/UIAA Sling Standard 11 mm (0.43") Dyneema® Monster Sling webbing More versatile - can be used for equalizing anchors, etc. Length: 45" (114 cm) Weight: 5 oz. (141 g) Strength: 22 kN (4950 lbf) Colors: orange/black, blue/green CE/UIAA certified Learn More

  10. Yates Big Wall Ladders

10 Item(s)

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