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Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing


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  1. Petzl Lynx Ll Crampon

    Petzl Lynx Ll Crampon

    From snow couloirs to dry tooling, the LYNX is a versatile crampon. Modular front points allow for many options: dual or mono-point, long or short, and/or asymmetrical. They come with two types of interchangeable front bindings to adapt to boots with or without toe welts. Versatile crampons for ice and mixed climbing Configuration and length of front points can be modified with one screw: - dual points in short, long or asymmetrical position - offset mono-point in short or long position Crampons adaptable to boots with or without toe welts: - interchangeable front bindings: stainless steel toe bail wires for shoes with toe welts, or flexible bindings for boots without toe welts - toe bindings can be adjusted to accommodate shoe width and provide sufficient point length LEVERLOCK heel bail is height-adjustable, designed for boots with heel welt Integrated front and rear ANTISNOW plates FAKIR carrying pouch included Marked bars facilitate crampon adjustment Come with: - FAKIR carrying bag (V01) - front and rear ANTISNOW (T24960) - flexible front binding - stainless steel wire heel bail More info Technical notice LYNX [PDF - 3.66 MB] Spare parts [PDF - 1.23 MB] Tips for protecting your equipment [PDF - 13.06 MB] Buy online now Find a store Specifications Number of points: 14 Boot sizes: 35 to 45 with M linking bar (included), optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 40 to 50 (T20850) Weight: - 2 x 540 g = 1080 g (configuration with two points and ANTISNOW) - 2 x 455 g = 910 g (configuration with one point, no ANTISNOW) CERTIFICATION: CE, UIAA Learn More

  2. Petzl Barettes Linking Bar (Long)

    Petzl Barettes Linking Bar (Long)

    Replacement linking bars for sizes 41 to 50 ; adjustable for half sizes. Learn More

  3. Petzl Trigrest

    Petzl Trigrest

    The TRIGREST hand rest is adjustable in height, without tools, on the shaft or the handle. It has two support positions: a brace for hand switching in the high position, and a brace for the index in the low position. The latter increases grip strength for leashless climbing and improves planting precision. The TRIGREST may also be used in a fixed position, without the index support. Learn More

  4. Petzl Pick Weights

  5. Petzl Hammer For Quark Nomic

  6. Petzl Hammer For Quark

  7. Petzl Griptape For Axes

  8. Petzl Freelock Leash X1

  9. Petzl Cascade Pick

  10. Petzl Adze For Quark

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