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Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing


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  1. Petzl William Triact Carabiner

    Petzl William Triact Carabiner

    A large carabiner can come in handy in many places. This one's shape and size means it's useful for belaying and rappelling with the Munter hitch with single or double ropes, anchoring multiple ropes and slings and keeping the belay station organized. Pear shape facilitates use with the Munter hitch for single or double ropes Large shape and gate opening can fit multiple slings and ropes Keylock system Available with manual locking system (SCREW-LOCK) or auto-locking systems (BALL-LOCK, TRIACT-LOCK) Learn More

  2. Cassin X Draw

    Cassin X Draw

    Ice Climbing, Alpinism, Mixed Climbing, Trad Climbing • Engages at 2.5kN and reduces the impact of a factor 1 fall by up to 50% • Rubber keepers hold the biners securely in place • Nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements • Available as a draw only or combined with Photon Wire Gate carabiners for the best possible configuration Take it easy on your ice screws! The new X-Draw shock absorbing ice draws can reduce the impact of a factor 1 fall by up to 50% thanks to the special construction that forces the draw to rip apart into a large open loop (rated to 22kN) when a fall exceeds 2.5kN. The energy of the fall dissipates before it hits the screw or the climber thereby increasing the chances the screw will hold. Rubber keepers hold the biners securely in place. The nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements and the Dyneema® main loop is hydrophobic so it does not weaken as much as nylon when wet or frozen. SPECS X-Draw ID: 105 Size(s): 18 cm Weight: 47 g, 1.7 oz Strength: 22 kN Learn More

  3. Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Carabiner

    Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Carabiner

    A compact, lightweight locker with a non-snagging keylock nose and a screwlock sleeve, the Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner carabiner has a large rope-bearing surface for smooth belays and rappels. Large rope-bearing surface Keylock nose prevents snagging Slightly smaller than the RockLock Sleeve locks on biner's gate (not nose) and won't freeze up when loaded Learn More

  4. Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw

    Black Diamond Hotwire Quickdraw

    We connected a hot-forged Nitron straight-gate biner and a hot-forged HotWire carabiner to create the light, versatile and smooth clipping Black Diamond HotWire Quickdraw. The snag-free keylock Nitron takes the hassle out of cleaning routes, and the HotWire's large rope-bearing surface and flat gate-to-rope interface make for smooth clipping in any climbing application. The light, durable 14 mm (.5 in) Dynex™ dogbone also features a Straitjacket insert to keep the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position. Hot-forged Nitron straight-gate carabiner on top and hot-forged HotWire carabiner on bottom HotWire's wiregate eliminates gate flutter and won't freeze up Nitron's keylock nose eases clipping and cleaning Flat gate-to-rope interface 14 mm (.5 in) Dynex dogbone is light, durable and easy to grab Straitjacket insert keeps bottom carabiner properly oriented Learn More

  5. Black Diamond Hoodwire Quickdraw

    Black Diamond Hoodwire Quickdraw

    Only weighing 82 grams, the Black Diamond Hoodwire Quickdraw won't weigh you down on those technical climbs. Both carabiners are from Black Diamond's HoodWire link and are connected with a 14mm-wide, 12cm-long, Dynex dogbone. The stainless steel wire hoods are snag-free and resist freezing. The lower runner has a rubber Straightjacket insert for efficient clipping. Learn More

  6. Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

    Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw

    Perfect for the sport climber on a budget, the Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw gives full wiregate performance without emptying your wallet. Two wiregate Quicksilver biners and a durable 18 mm (.7 in) nylon dogbone make for a light, all-purpose quickdraw that's at home everywhere from sport routes to alpine climbs. Learn More

  7. Camp Nano 23 Carabiner

    Camp Nano 23 Carabiner

    Rock Climbing, Alpinism, Racking • World’s lightest full-strength carabiner! • Significantly reduces weight and bulk on any rack • Now available in 8 colors to coordinate with popular cam colors The lightest carabiner in the world! C.A.M.P. has achieved carabiner perfection by taking away everything possible while maintaining the safety and performance standards of the world’s most technical climbers. The Nano 23 is an excellent choice for alpine and trad climbing where reductions in weight can realistically increase the chances for success. The eight color options coordinate with the most popular cam colors to further help with organizing the rack for faster placements and transitions on big routes. The Nano 23 is also ideal for anchoring at the top of sport climbs because the nose gets into and out of chains without snagging. Gray | Orange | Bronze | Blue | Purple | Green | Red | Yellow SPECS 118901: Gray 118903: Orange 118904: Bronze 118905: Blue 118906: Purple 118907: Green 118908: Red 118909: Yellow Weight: 23 g, 0.8 oz Major Axis: 20 kN Minor Axis: 7 kN Open Gate: 7 kN Gate Opening: 21 mm Learn More

  8. Camp Photon Straight Wire Carabiner

    Camp Photon Straight Wire Carabiner

    Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Alpinism, General Mountaineering • The lightest full-size carabiners in the world! • The Photon Wire is full size for easy clipping and features a thin spine that makes grabbing them off gear loops a breeze • 8 colors coordinate with the most popular cam colors The Photon Wire is one of the lightest carabiners in the world (1.022 oz) and is significantly larger than other carabiners in its class. The contoured wire gate offers exceptional clipping action and the massive gate opening makes it great for use on the gear or rope end; on rock or ice; racking gear or building anchors. For the ultimate all-arounder, look no further. Now available individually in eight color options making them a perfect choice for individually racking cams. Team the sling color with the coordinating biner color for the fastest way to identify the right cam size on the sharp end and reorganize the rack at belays. The Photon Wire Straight Gate is perfect for climbers who want a racking biner that is light and low-profile but still clips with the ease of a high-end quickdraw. It is particularly well-suited for difficult trad leads and alpine mixed routes where a full-size carabiner is much easier to operate while wearing gloves. Blue | Yellow | Black | Gray | Purple | Green | Red | Orange SPECS 191802: Blue 191803: Yellow 191804: Black 191805: Gray 191806: Purple 191807: Green 191808: Red 191809: Orange Weight: 29 g, 1.02 oz Major Axis: 21 kN Minor Axis: 7 kN Open Gate: 9 kN Gate Opening: 28 mm Learn More

  9. Camp Oval Quick Link

    Camp Oval Quick Link

    Fixed Anchors, Industrial Steel oval quick links for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing draws. Zinc plating helps prevent rust in humid environments. The 8mm requires a 14mm open-end wrench. The 10mm requires a 17mm open-end wrench. SPECS 934: 8mm - 81 g, 2.9 oz - $3.00 USD 935: 10mm - 151 g, 5.3 oz - $4.00 USD Major Axis: 8mm - 40 kN | 10mm - 45 kN Minor Axis: 10 kN Gate Opening: 8mm - 9 mm | 10mm - 12 mm Learn More
    Reg. $3.00 to $5.00

  10. DMM Phantom Carabiner

    DMM Phantom Carabiner

    Pick up a rack of these beauties and prepare to be amazed – trust us, it really is shocking how so much gear can weigh so little! Being super light is not the whole story though. You also need to find the optimum balance between size, strength and weight. Sure, we could have made this biner smaller, and as a result, lighter, but there comes a point when a tiny biner becomes a key ring – too fiddley to hold. Functionality is just as important as weight. At 28g the Phantom is astonishingly light. Original super lightweight wire gate biner Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction Rope groove to locate rope correctly Available as an 11mm Dyneema quickdraw in 12cm, 18cm or 25cm lengths Available as the Phantom Colourpack, with 5 different colours Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 84 total

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