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Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing


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  1. Petzl Spirit 3D Carabiner

    Petzl Spirit 3D Carabiner

    he SPIRIT quickdraw carabiner is the standard for sport climbing. The H-shape reduces the weight of the SPIRIT carabiner (39 g) in order to maximize weight reduction on long sport routes. The straight gate version, equipped with the Keylock system and a special nose shape, facilitates clipping and unclipping the anchor. The H-shaped profile offers an improved strength/weight ratio
 Wider contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
 Available in two versions:
 - SPIRIT straight gate: facilitates clipping and unclipping, thanks to the Keylock system and the shape of its nose
 - SPIRIT bent gate: facilitates clipping the rope, thanks to the STRING webbing protection (holds the carabiner in position) and to the Keylock system Learn More

  2. Edelrid Nineteen G Carabiner

    Edelrid Nineteen G Carabiner

    The 20 g barrier has been broken! The Nineteen G is the lightest carabiner in the world – and makes no compromises on strength. Learn More

  3. Black Diamond Ice Screw Up

    Black Diamond Ice Screw Up

    Protect and organize your winter rack with the Black Diamond Ice ScrewUp. This lightweight, convenient roll-up pouch protects the threads and teeth of your ice screws and saves space when they're stored in your pack. Snag-free slots for 6 screws and a zippered mesh pocket to hold caps Secure buckle closure Learn More

  4. Black Diamond Express Ice Screw

    Black Diamond Express Ice Screw

    For fast and easy placement, try the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw, showcasing a tapered tube perfect for less friction. No problem identifying size and length, thanks to the large, color-coded crank knob that also allows for smooth 360-degree motion. Choose from 5 lengths, coded by color, for quick indexing. Stainless steel hangers feature two clip points for ease of operation, plus it's light weight and rust resistant no matter what you throw at it. Learn More

  5. Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw

    Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screw

    Description Starting in the ice facilitated by the optimized shape of the steel drill Integrated flexible crank provides an optimized lever, making it easier and faster to screw in Color-coding facilitates identifying the length of a screw Stronger and more durable due to the steel tube and its specific threading Steel is treated to reduce weight and increase strength Smaller hanger to facilitate screwing into sculpted ice Easier sharpening with the drill's patented sharpening reserve Learn More

  6. Petzl Fin Anneau Runners

    Petzl Fin Anneau Runners

    The lightest and most compact of all our slings, we use 8 mm Dyneema/nylon webbing to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength. Extremely lightweight and compact Width : 8 mm Very abrasion resistant Available in three color-coded sizes for easy identification : 60, 120 and 180 cm Strength : 22 kN Learn More
    Reg. $12.95 to $17.95

  7. Petzl Finesse Sling

    Petzl Finesse Sling

    FINESSE sewn slings are ultra-light. They include the STRING S webbing protection on the rope end, to protect the webbing from abrasion while keeping the carabiner in position. They come in two lengths: 10 cm and 17 cm. The 10 mm wide Dyneema® webbing offers an excellent weight to strength ratio The STRING S holds the rope end carabiner in place and helps protect the webbing from abrasion Available in two lengths: 10 and 17 cm Learn More
    Reg. $6.95 to $7.95

  8. Petzl Express Sling

    Petzl Express Sling

    The ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS webbing offers excellent grip when working a route. The STRING allows the carabiner to be held in position and protects the webbing from wear. Ergonomic shape of the webbing for excellent grip Lower end equipped with STRING to hold the carabiner in position and protect the webbing from wear Available in three lengths: 12, 17 and 25 cm Learn More
    Reg. $5.95 to $7.95

  9. Trango Ultratape Sling

    Trango Ultratape Sling

    Ultratape runners and draws use a nylon and dyneema weave to create 12 mm of light, durable and extremely strong (22 kN) webbing. Learn More
    Reg. $4.50 to $10.50

  10. Wild Country 12mm Dyneema Sling

    Wild Country 12mm Dyneema Sling

    Almost the 'industry standard' now 12mm Dyneema is the most widely available sling diameter. However, difficult to produce at the time, combining dyneema and nylon in a weave that was predictable and reliable enough to give the ‘sewability’ required to make the three sigma target every time 12mm dyneema was first sold in 1999 and was both hailed as radical, as well as unfeasibly thin when first marketed. Indeed at first there were many sceptics who felt it was too thin and wouldn’t appeal to a public that was still mainly hooked on 19mm nylon. At only 22 grams a metre its lightness and flexibility was astounding and meant that swapping from 19mm tubular nylon (about 42gms metre) saved nearly 50% of the weight per sling. Due to this superb ratio of weight to performance, and a proven longevity, 12mm Dyneema is now a benchmark in slings and Wild Country produces a full range of slings in 12mm Dyneema. Learn More

Items 51 to 60 of 99 total

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