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Mountaineering Ascenders, Descenders & Pulleys

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  1. Petzl Ascension Ascender

    Petzl Ascension Ascender

    Our handled ascenders have been refined to provide greater comfort, efficiency, ease of use. The ergonomically shaped handle is over molded with dual density grip for greater friction and better grip. The grip is wider at the bottom, providing better comfort for your pinkie fingers during use. The index finger indent has also been increased, offering greater efficiency when pulling on the ascender. The cam has been redesigned to minimize friction when sliding the ascender up the rope while the angled teeth provide secure grip in the worst conditions (wet, icy, or muddy ropes). The geometry of the single piece aluminum frame ensures optimal handle orientation when the device is loaded and will maintain solid, comfortable performance for ascents of any length. Molded grip provides even greater comfort with a more ergonomically shaped handle. This shape keeps your hand from sliding to the bottom of the frame each time you pull on the ASCENSION. The bi-material handle includes a rubber over molded grip, increasing the comfort and grip in wet or icy conditions. Chrome-plated steel cam with angled teeth and self-cleaning slot securely grips the rope, even in muddy or icy conditions Ergonomic trigger allows one-handed installation and removal Mono-frame construction eliminates weaknesses and keeps the ascender lightweight and durable for years of use The two attachment points allow for different uses (e.g. self- belaying, hauling systems, etc.) Anodized frames are color coded for easy identification (black -left / gray -right) Safety catch prevents the cam from opening too far, helping to keep the rope captured for added safety 1 cm secondary hole at the bottom will accommodate a screw link for attaching aiders, slings, etc. Learn More

  2. Petzl Micro Traxion

    Petzl Micro Traxion

    The MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-light (85 g), ultra-compact progress-capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient (91 %) thanks to its sealed ball bearings. The cam works on dirty or icy ropes and can be locked in open position for use as a pulley. Ultra-light and ultra-compact progress capture pulley (volume and weight 50 % smaller than the MINI TRAXION) Excellent efficiency, thanks to sealed ball bearings (91 %) Cam can be locked in open position so device can be used as a simple pulley. Works even on frozen or muddy ropes. For use on ropes between 8 and 11 mm in diameter Diagrams for rope installation engraved on interior of pulley Designed for crevasse rescue, hauling, self-rescue and can be used as emergency ascender Learn More

  3. Wild Country Ropeman Mk 1F

    Wild Country Ropeman Mk 1F

    Wild Country Ropeman 1 and 2 ascenders are the definitive climbing rope ascenders – and provide an unrivalled range for all rock climbing, alpine climbing, winter climbing, sports climbing and mountaineering. There are new versions of the Ropeman 1 and 2 - made with hot forged sideplates - just click the images below to see all about these new versions. Small, but perfectly formed Ropeman 1 and 2 are designed to be easily carried as the perfect 'emergency tool' - because when needed they work perfectly every time. The Ropeman MK1 become a worldwide success due to it's ability to replace prussik loops for the first time at nearly the same weight, while the Ropeman MK2 enhanced its range of uses. All Ropemen are available in sets featuring one of Wild Country's neat Keylock biners for a perfect match. Learn More

  4. Petzl Microcender

    Petzl Microcender

    Removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point on the rope Locking pin reduces the risk of undoing the system accidentally Reference: B54 Weight: 160 g Rope type(s) and diameter(s): For single ropes between 9 and 13 mm in diameter Made in : US Certification(s) : CE EN 567 Learn More

4 Item(s)

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