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Rock Climbing Accessories



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  1. Yates Pin Head Gear Puller

  2. Yates Zipper Screamer

  3. Cassin Lunacy Fifi

    Cassin Lunacy Fifi

    A pair of Fifi hooks connected by webbing for speeding up aid climbs. Attach to the harness by girth-hitching the loop to the tie-in point; both hooks should pass through the webbing loop. This results in the polished hook on a short tail (about 1” long) and the gold hook on a long tail (about 11”). A slick, compact system for the advanced aid climber. SPECS ID: 3044 Weight: 51 g, 1.8 oz Learn More

  4. Petzl Protec Rope Protect

    Petzl Protec Rope Protect

    To help protect a fixed rope from abrasion Rugged, lightweight sheath (without PVC). Velcro closure and clip for easy and quick installation Learn More

  5. Trango Piranha Knife

    Trango Piranha Knife

    The Piranha is equally at home on your key chain as it is 1000 feet off the deck. The serrated blade is made from surgical quality 440-C stainless steel and even at a scant 20 g it's tough enough to handle years of use and abuse. Material: 440-C stainless steel Weight: 20 g Locking Blade Screwdriver Learn More

  6. Yates Adjustable Gear Sling

  7. Mueller Euro Tape

    Mueller Euro Tape

    Made primarily for European sports medicine practitioners, this super sticky sports tape features a cloth backing produced by Mueller Sports Medicine. Mueller Euro Tape is used by athletes around the world due to its rigid support, being a non-stretching tape to ensure the maximum support possible. The serrated edge makes for easy tearing and comes in three sizes, ranging from 1 inch to approximately 1.5 inches. Unrolls easily for convenient use. Learn More

  8. Mueller Pre Tape

    Mueller Pre Tape

    Unfortunately, climbing tape doesn't always stay in place during use. Mueller Pre-Tape was designed to combat this specific issue. The spray works as an adhesive and keeps tape adhered to the hands and wrists while climbing. Climbers no longer need to worry about their wraps coming undone when needed most. Luckily, the spray makes tape easier to apply and even easier to remove, too. It doesn't leave sticky residue or harm a person's sensitive skin either. Learn More

  9. Trango Biner Keeper

  10. Metolius Bouldering Set 12 Pack

    Metolius Bouldering Set 12 Pack

    Create a home climbing wall or modify your existing structure for new challenges with the Metolius Bouldering Set 12 Pack. This set contains a variety of hand and footholds in different shapes and sizes to simulate the challenges of real rock rock climbing. Foot and handholds are presented as a mix of both screw-on and bolt-on types and come in several different colors to be safe, yet attractive. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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