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  1. Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device

    Petzl Reverso 4 Belay Device

    This multi-purpose belay/rappel device is ultra-light (59 g, 25 % lighter than the REVERSO 3) and intuitive to use. V-shaped friction channels with asymmetrical lateral grooves adapt the friction to the type of rope for better control (ARC technology: braking control for twin, half and single dynamic ropes). Reverso mode for belaying one or two seconds with assisted braking. Ultra-light design: - minimalist construction - hot-forged aluminum - Weight: 59 g A single device for all rope types: - effective braking on half and twin ropes ≥ 7.5 mm - effective braking on single ropes ≥ 8.9 mm - can belay the leader, one or two seconding climbers and can be used for rappelling - independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers in Reverso mode - quick changeovers from Reverso mode to belaying the leader when climbing multi-pitch routes V-shaped friction channels: - increased friction on thin ropes - friction is adapted for larger diameter ropes - increases the locking pressure on the ropes in Reverso mode Asymmetrically grooved sidewalls: - increased braking power during a leader or top rope fall or while rappelling - rope slides smoothly through device when taking up slack Carabiner hole allows the loaded device in Reverso mode to be easily and gradually released with only a carabiner Rope friendly, allows for smooth belaying and rope handling: - will not kink the ropes regardless of the mode used - separates the two strands of rope when belaying and rappelling Intuitive use: - Reverso mode aluminum attachment point is easy to identify - keeper cable keeps the device from moving up the rope when belaying and reduces chances of losing the device - usage diagrams (standard belay and Reverso modes) engraved on device Use with symmetrical locking carabiners (Am'D or WILLIAM) to maximize efficiency Learn More

  2. Wild Country Variable Controller Belay Device

    Wild Country Variable Controller Belay Device

    The Variable Controller was one of the first devices to move belay plates onto another level with its wedge shaped design, usable in two performance modes to give more stopping power or less friction depending on circumstance. This combined the best attributes of ‘flat’ plates with the best of the ‘deep’ plates meaning that when belaying rope could be fed quickly, but when abseiling more friction could be applied. However, since we now have the even more refined VC Pro 2 we have slightly widened out the slots on this original device to give extra performance on single ropes, making the VC better for indoor walls and single pitch routes. This means that the VC is most suited for ropes from 9mm to 11mm rather than the more modern super skinny trad ropes where the new VC Pro pulls rank. The VC is great value remains a solid and reliable tool in any climbers armoury and a great choice for climbers maybe not heading for the most extreme challenges. Set available with Synergy HMS Karabiners. Product Colours Weight g/oz Rope Types CE Norm Variable Controller Various 70/2.47 8.5mm - 11mm N/A Learn More

  3. Climbing Technology Click Up Belay Device

    Climbing Technology Click Up Belay Device

    The Click Up is an innovative belay device developed for sport climbing. It is simple to use and its innovative design has safety features that prevent mistakes. Easy to use, intuitive and safe, it is extremely lightweight and compact. It presents many advantages: it allows you to quickly and fluidly feed rope without jamming (fig. 1); it allows to arrest a fall simply by pull down the free hand of the rope (fig. 2); it operates without the need to act on levers and moving parts (fig. 3); especially suitable for beginners and children because intuitive and error-proof. TOTAL USE SAFETY! The final, but most fundamental feature, is in the case of incorrect use. Should the device be used incorrectly, the Click Up continues to allow you to break and lower your partner in complete safety, thanks to the V-shaped braking notches present. This is the most appreciated feature, as it avoids several mistakes that can happen during the use of belay devices while climbing, both indoors or outdoors. It makes the Click Up the right belay device for rock climbing schools and climbing gyms. (fig. 4); The Click Up must be used with the proper HMS carabiner. Learn More

  4. DMM Bugette Belay Device

    DMM Bugette Belay Device

    Our quest for the ultimate light rack extends through all aspects of climbing gear, and that includes belay devices. The Bugette is astonishingly light, yet works so well, even we were shocked when we first tested the prototypes. It is of course designed for lighter skinnier half ropes, anything between 7.5mm and 9.5mm to be precise. Within this range you can expect excellent handling qualities, light weight and great holding power. Features Super light belay device at 27g Ideal with skinny ropes (7.5mm – 9.5mm) Anodised for corrosion resistance Learn More

  5. DMM Bug Belay Device

    DMM Bug Belay Device

    This is a great all rounder; a belay device that is equally at home down the climbing wall as it is out on the grit. It even works well on wet ropes. It is designed to work with medium to ‘fat’ ropes, and within the 8.5mm – 11mm range it handles beautifully. This is actually a tricky balance to get right, but we think we’ve nailed it. The Bug is slick enough to allow a quick release of rope, just when it’s needed, but secure enough to allow a firm lock down in the event of a fall. It can be used as an abseil device within the rope diameter guidelines. It certainly gives superb control and remarkably good heat dissipation. Classic belay device Ideal with medium to ‘fat’ ropes (8.5mm – 11mm) Solid holding power Smooth rope feeding action Anodised for corrosion resistance Learn More

  6. Climbing Technology Alpine Up Belay Device

    Climbing Technology Alpine Up Belay Device

    LPINE UP is the only device on the market that allows self-locking abseiling and two different belaying modes, depending on the terrain: CLICK UP MODE (Hand assisted braking): Belaying a lead climber on multi-pitch sports climbing routes (well bolted) Self-locking abseiling using the folding handle Absolute safety, even if the rope is incorrectly inserted DYNAMIC MODE (Manual braking): Belaying a lead climber on traditional alpine route (friends, nuts and pitons) Braking friction with "V" grooves Abseiling with "V" grooves brake GUIDE MODE- BELAYING OF THE SECONDING: Independent and simultaneous belaying of one or two seconding climbers Possibility of gradual releasing and lowering of a second climber under tension, by placing a biner in the proper hole It is assembled with hot forged alluminium cheeks, steel breaking supports and plastic parts made of reinforced nylon. ALPINE UP weighs only 175 g and it will be available in its proper packaging with our CONCEPT SGL HC HMS connector, with a hard-coated special anodization wear-proof. Learn More

  7. Black Diamond Atc Guide Ruby

    Black Diamond Atc Guide Ruby

    For one or two seconding climbers, trust the Black Diamond Atc Guide! This guide is a versatile belay/rappel device that offers both a regular and high friction mode. Count on the smooth and reliable Black Diamond Atc Guide whether climbing with pros or introducing friends to the sport. Learn More

  8. Edelrid Mega Jul

  9. Edelrid Micro Jul

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