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Chalk Bags & Chalk

Chalk Bags & Chalk


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  1. Petzl Sakapoche Chalk Bag

    Petzl Sakapoche Chalk Bag

    Ergonomically shaped chalk bag with pocket The SAKAPOCHE chalk bag is a variation of the KODA chalk bag with a zippered bellows pocket. This pocket is sized for storing your keys, money, a granola bar, a small e+LITE headlamp, topo map, etc. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to access the chalk. The soft fabric won't cause discomfort when wearing a pack or when your back is against a rock wall. The closure system is efficient, thanks to the cordlock. It can be opened with only one hand should you forget to open it before you start climbing. Zippered pocket is expandable for extra storage capacity due to its gusseted design. Store keys, e+LITE emergency headlamp, topo map, energy bar, or other small provisions for long days on a wall
 The reinforced rim maintains the shape of the bag
 Elastic brush holder for cleaning holds
 Double loops for stability allow easy attachment to a belt or carabiner
 The wide, round shape and supple fabric allows for easy access to chalk and is comfortable to use
 Micro-fleece interior liner resists matting and ensures good transfer of chalk to the hand. Soft liner flap prevents accidentally losing chalk
 Bag comes with adjustable waistbelt Learn More

  2. Edelrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag

    Edelrid Cosmic Lady Chalk Bag

    A handy-sized chalk bag in a range of attractive designs. Weight 90g Learn More

  3. Edelrid Boulder Bag

    Edelrid Boulder Bag

    Extra-large chalk bag for demanding sequences. Weight 300g Learn More

  4. DMM Tube Chalk Bag

    DMM Tube Chalk Bag

    A classic chalk bag with a deep pile lining, toothbrush holder, and a chalk proof closure. Features The classic chalk bag Luxurious pile lining for effective chalking Chalk-proof closure Brush holder Available in 4 colours to suit your style Learn More

  5. DMM Trad Chalk Bag

    DMM Trad Chalk Bag

    The Dmm Trad Chalk Bag is an oversized chalk bag, perfect for people with large hands or for use on long routes. Its easy, one-handed closure system makes it even more convenient to use. With its microfiber exterior and interior membrane, chalk does not excape from the inside to the outside of the bag. The Dmm Trad Chalk Bag comes with a 6mm cord strap as an accessory. Learn More

  6. DMM Traction Chalk Bag

    DMM Traction Chalk Bag

    A medium size bag for those quick dips. Contoured opening allows easy access, and the chalk proof closure keeps the inside of your sack white dust free. Supplied with a matching Chalk Bag Belt. Features Medium size chalk bag with a slick design Stiffened opening to hold its shape for critical quick dips Luxurious pile lining for effective chalking Chalk-proof closure Brush holder Supplied with a matching belt Available in 4 colours to suit your style Learn More

  7. DMM Strone Chalk Bag

    DMM Strone Chalk Bag

    This is a neat little fleece lined chalk bag, perfect for a quick dip when you’re sport climbing or having a session down the wall. It’s got a really secure draw cord seal, so no spillage in the rucsac. It also has a tooth brush holding loop and a handy zip pocket – somewhere to keep your car keys. Features Fleece lined chalk bag Draw cord seal Tooth brush holding loop Handy zip pocket Available in assorted colours Learn More

  8. DMM Liquid Chalk

    DMM Liquid Chalk

    This wonder product solves the issue of keeping your skin coated with chalk on long boulder problems or intense routes were it is impossible, or too strenuous, to take a hand off for a dip in the chalk bag. The dried layer of chalk is much more resilient to rubbing off than conventional chalk, so you can climb more moves before your skin begins to wet out. The application of the liquid chalk is a little disturbing to the uninitiated. A blob of suspicious looking white liquid is rubbed in and for a moment you are left wondering how on earth you are supposed to cling to the rock with your hands coated in white goo. Then as if by magic, a cold sensation passes through your hands (as the alcohol solvent evaporates) and in a second or two the goo turns to a dry white coating. If any wet bits remain, just spread them around and they will soon dry up. And then there are the environmental benefits – use liquid chalk and the normal trail of white paw marks will be greatly reduced. Top tip: After a day at work your skin is likely to be quite greasy, and pulling on marginal holds will be that little bit harder. If you want a clean start to your evening session try a quick splash of Liquid Chalk first. Features Wear resistant liquid chalk Quick to apply and quick to dry Handy 200ml bottle Learn More

  9. Edelrid Cosmic Twist Chalk Bag

    Edelrid Cosmic Twist Chalk Bag

    A particularly large chalk bag with an innovative twist closure system. Weight 109g Learn More

  10. Edelweiss Liquid Chalk

    Edelweiss Liquid Chalk

    Liquid chalk without resin developed to avoid powder suspension in the air. Does not contain Resin. In 250ml bottle Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 35 total

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