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Chalk Bags & Chalk

Chalk Bags & Chalk


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  1. Metolius Super Chalk

  2. Camp Block Chalk

    Camp Block Chalk

    • Climbing Chalk • Packaged in boxes of 8 2 ounce blocks of ultra-pure chalk. Many climbers prefer breaking and powdering blocks of chalk. SPECS ID: 916 Learn More

  3. Black Diamond Block Chalk

    Black Diamond Block Chalk

    Our white chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring maximum grip no matter how hot or humid it gets. Improves grip for better climbing performance 56 g (2 oz) block can be broken down to fit your chalk bag Learn More

  4. Asana White Dirt Chalk

    Asana White Dirt Chalk

    If you want to feel confident in your grip, Asana White Dirt Chalk can help make that happen. This super sticky chalk is 100% natural - that means no additives and no dry agents or chemicals to wreak havoc on your hands. White Dirt includes chunks and fine-grained magnesium carbonate for extra friction. Contains 4 ounces of chalk in a resealable bag, so take it with you on all of your bouldering excursions and get a grip. Learn More

  5. Asana Mega White Dirt Chalk

    Asana Mega White Dirt Chalk

    You know the feeling, chalking up before the tough sequence of moves on your project. The last thing you want going through your mind is whether ot not your hands will feel right on the rock. That's why we spent so much time designing White Dirt. 2 pounds! White Dirt gets the job done. Includes chunks and fine-grained magnesium carbonate. 100% natural chalk No dry agents or chemicals added Learn More

  6. Mammut Liquid Chalk

    Mammut Liquid Chalk

    Mammut Liquid Chalk offers all the benefits of traditional powdered climbing chalks in an easy to carry tube. The magnesium carbonate in the liquid chalk creates serious amounts of friction, thereby providing a superior grip on all types of rock. As an added bonus, liquid chalk lasts longer than traditional chalks and it less dusty than it's powdered counterparts. Great grip, less mess; everyone wins. Learn More

  7. Metolius Bop Chalkbag

Items 11 to 17 of 17 total

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