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Pitons & Hooks

Pitons & Hooks


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  1. Black Diamond Pecker

    Black Diamond Pecker

    For hairline cracks, subtle seams and indistinct fractures, the Pecker’s knife-thin, double-tapered blade fits where nothing else will. Learn More

  2. Black Diamond Rurp

    Black Diamond Rurp

    Used in bottoming, incipient cracks, this Black Diamond aid tool has opened up otherwise unclimbable passages. The Rurp Piton (Realized Ultimate Reality Piton)— is a Chouinard classic Integrated wire-cabled sling Learn More

  3. Moses Enterprises Tomahawk

    Moses Enterprises Tomahawk

    The Tomahawk is a hooking piton for use in thin seams. It is designed primarily as a thin nailing piece, requiring the use of a hammer, but can also be hand-placed into “beak slots” or natural constrictions in thin cracks. The design enables easier and quicker cleaning to prevent the piece from becoming fixed. The Tomahawk is available in three different versions – standard (straight), left, and right as well as three different sizes – #1, #2, and #3 . The left and right versions are bent and are intended for corners. Learn More
    Reg. $13.50 to $19.75

  4. Cassin Baby Angle Piton

    Cassin Baby Angle Piton

    These tiny angle pitons are invaluable for protecting shallow cracks and old pin scars. No need to hacksaw and grind regular angles, we’ve done it for you! Learn More

  5. Cassin Captain Hook

    Cassin Captain Hook

    A wide tripod base makes these hooks remarkably stable during dicey aid moves. Due to the way they hang on the rack, these hooks are also less prone to snagging than other designs. Learn More
    Reg. $11.95 to $13.95

  6. Black Diamond Angle

    Black Diamond Angle

    Angles fit larger cracks, pockets and pods, and their design, coupled with the springiness of the steel used, gives these pitons inherently high holding power. Learn More
    Reg. $9.95 to $14.95

  7. Black Diamond Lost Arrow

    Black Diamond Lost Arrow

    Tough enough to withstand repeated abuse in thin to medium-width cracks, hot forged Lost Arrows are patterned after the original designs of John Salathé and are as light as possible for their given size. Learn More

  8. Black Diamond Bugaboo

    Black Diamond Bugaboo

    Classic big brother of the Knifeblade, Bugaboos have precision-ground blades for a consistent taper and a hole in the thickest part of the head to reduce weight without sacrificing durability. Learn More
    Reg. $12.95 to $13.95

  9. Black Diamond Yosemite Hammer

    Black Diamond Yosemite Hammer

    The Black Diamond classic Yosemite Hammer was introduced in ‘66 when big wall climbing was in its infancy. Investment-cast stainless steel head Clip-in point for copperhead removal Pick is drooped for pin leverage Equipped with replaceable 13 mm (1/2 in) webbing and a shoulder-length runner. Oiled hickory handle to decrease vibration Learn More

  10. Cassin Lunacy Fifi

    Cassin Lunacy Fifi

    A pair of Fifi hooks connected by webbing for speeding up aid climbs. Attach to the harness by girth-hitching the loop to the tie-in point; both hooks should pass through the webbing loop. This results in the polished hook on a short tail (about 1” long) and the gold hook on a long tail (about 11”). A slick, compact system for the advanced aid climber. SPECS ID: 3044 Weight: 51 g, 1.8 oz Learn More

10 Item(s)

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