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Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock Shoes


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  1. Scarpa Booster S Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Booster S Climbing Shoe

    If primates had evolved with sticky rubber on their feet, you and I would’ve been born wearing the Booster S. Sensitive, light, and supple, the Booster S is a softer version of the Boostic – it’s designed for steep bouldering, wicked gym sessions, and anything overhanging. Tri-Tension Active Randing concentrates power and focus in the toebox and SCARPA’s fit stays precise for the life of the shoe. Pull it on and evolve into the Booster S. Learn More

  2. La Sportiva Men's Miura Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Men's Miura Climbing Shoe

    In the line for over 10 years, the Miura is the perfect tool for performance footwork whether it be on slabs, vertical or overhanging steep rock. The high tensioned slingshot rand is tied into the powerhinge on the sole so that when small edges are weighted the shoe stretches in the back half of the shoe and not in the front. This allows you to stick on the smallest edges you can find or imagine! The multi-paneled lining gives you the perfect fit and the speed lacing system laces up in a cinch. Learn More

  3. La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Python Climbing Shoe

    Combining the power of a Solution, and the sensitivity of the Cobra, the La Sportiva Python climbing shoe has been used for high end climbing all over the world. Designed specifically to be the cutting edge climbing competition shoe, the Python has an unlined leather upper that forms to your foot for an exceptional fit, a huge heel band to keep massive tension, and a single strap velcro closure system to give a bomber heel hook. The sensitive toe of this shoe will let you pull hard on those steep pockets and edges. Learn More

  4. La Sportiva Tc Pro Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Tc Pro Climbing Shoe

    Designed to provide powerful, technical edging AND crack climbing prowess without compromising either. This game changing, mid-height edging machine will take you out of a technical thin hands to rattley fingers crack and out on to the diciest dime edges you can find. Thin padding in the ankle and above the toes protects you in the cracks and the patented P3® platform delivers sensitive yet powerful edging abilities. The toes flat fit is perfect for comfortable crack climbing and the ventilated tongue and lateral rand perforations promote air-flow. We worked with Vibram® on a new rubber compound that works best for technical edging and developed the XS Edge compound which holds an edge better on sharp micro edges. Learn More

  5. La Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoe

    We added the P3® technology to one of our most successful climbing shoes to produce a veritable edging machine! This is the first tubular construction climbing shoe that gives you the performance of a lined shoe with the comfort of an unlined shoe. Coupled with the new Vibram® XS Edge™ compound, this powerful, slightly asymmetric, slightly downtuned all around shoe excels in every type of climbing scenario. Learn More

  6. La Sportiva Muira VS Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Muira VS Climbing Shoe

    The La Sportiva Miura VS belongs on overhanging sport routes, steep boulders, and technical face climbing. Designed with the key elements of the Miura in mind, the one piece leather upper has a synthetic linging to control stretch and is unlined under the foot for sensitivity. The Miura VS also has the P3® platform that gives it an agressive down turned shape which lasts the lifetime of the shoe. Learn More

  7. Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Vapor V Climbing Shoe

    The Scarpa Vapor V has a slightly less technical design with a Bi-tension active rand that focuses power to your toes. These climbing shoes give a performance fit that won't cram your toes as bad as your usual downturned shoe. The Vapor V will give you solid edging performance and make those small foot chips inspire a little more confidence. Learn More
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  8. Scarpa Reflex Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Reflex Climbing Shoe

    The Scarpa Helix has simple shape that will feel comfortable from the first time you put them on. It has a flat-last that is responsive and good for all day climbing. An affordable and comfortable climbing shoe, the Scarpa Helix is supportive and simple to keep you comfortable on the wall. Learn More

  9. Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Force X Climbing Shoe

    Combining a flat-lasted, comfortable design with excellent edging and sensitivity, the women’s specific Force X is built for climbers who want both performance and comfort in a climbing shoe. Constructed with suede leather that molds to the foot, it features a liner in the back half of the heel pocket, along with padded mesh tongue for comfort. It’ll perform on edges, in cracks, and remains sensitive on slabs. V-tension randing retains the principles of high-end power transfer, but uses more comfortable tension. Vibram® XS Edge balances superb grip with durability. Learn More

  10. Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Boostic Climbing Shoe

    The Scarpa Boostic was built to perform at the highest levels of the sport, in vertical and overhanging terrains, when precision and power are most important. The Boostic accomodates a wide variaty of foot types with it's stretchable upper and performance fit. The upper is made of microssuede and leather to give a glove-like fit and will maintain the shoe's precision over time. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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