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Rock Climbing Ropes



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  1. Blue Water Pull Down Cord 8 Static

    Blue Water Pull Down Cord 8 Static

    BlueWater's 8 mm Pull Down Cord is the perfect balance of form and function. Slightly stiffer than standard “accessory” cord constructions for better manageability. The tightly braided, solution dyed polyester sheath makes this rope a standout for durability. 32 carrier sheath construction. Cabled nylon core construction. Learn More
    Reg. $124.00 to $145.00

  2. Mammut Supersafe Evo 10.2 Rope

    Mammut Supersafe Evo 10.2 Rope

    Extremely robust single rope with COATINGfinish™ treatment, suitable for a wide spectrum of applications. The very low impact force helps to minimize the impact on the safety chain in the event of a fall. This makes the 10.2 Supersafe Evo particularly suitable for routes where climbers place gear themselves like in the traditional climbing areas in Europe and the USA. Here the 10.2 Supersafe Evo stands out thanks to its high safety reserves, since "trad climbing" places particularly tough demands on climbing equipment. Learn More
    Reg. $269.95 to $299.95

  3. Mammut Tusk 9.8 Duo Dry Rope
    Reg. $249.95 to $289.95

  4. Mammut Vertex 10 Non-Dry Rope

    Mammut Vertex 10 Non-Dry Rope

    The 10.0 Vertex is a classic single rope offering convincing value for money. The rope’s outstanding "Made in Switzerland" Mammut quality is clearly apparent on artificial walls in climbing gyms or on natural rock. Learn More

  5. Mammut Transformer 9.8 Dry Rope

    Mammut Transformer 9.8 Dry Rope

    A benchmark in the sport climbing world, the Mammut Transformer Climbing Rope caters to redpoints and vertical projects that leave your fingers and lungs screaming for seconds. Tie in and work the crux of a sandstone sequence, or sink your paws into a limestone jug haul. Learn More
    Reg. $199.95 to $219.95

  6. Mammut Serenity 8.7 Rope

    Mammut Serenity 8.7 Rope

    Our thinnest and lightest single rope - with the 8.7 Serenity, Mammut is once again proving exactly what is possible in the area of high-end ropes. The 8.7 Serenity is the first choice for ambitious sports climbers when tackling the most difficult climbing routes at the absolute limit. With a high sheath proportion for such a thin rope, the 8.7 Serenity is the longest-lasting rope in its class. As well as meeting the standard for single ropes, the 8.7 Serenity also meets requirements for half and twin ropes, and is therefore suitable for mountaineers looking for a versatile and light rope. Thanks to the COATINGfinish™ treatment, the 8.7 Serenity of course guarantees top performance and outstanding, flexible handling. Learn More
    Reg. $249.95 to $279.95

  7. Mammut Sensor 10.0 Rope

    Mammut Sensor 10.0 Rope

    An absolute world first – the 10.0 Sensor is the first rope with both visual and sensible markings. These markings allow both belayer and climber to see and feel that they are coming close to the end or middle of the rope. The BiCo Sense technology is therefore an important safety feature, since it allows the belayer looking up to the climber to be aware when he or she is paying out rope beyond the middle or is reaching the end of the rope when lowering the climber. This feature will be particularly appreciated by gym climbers and sport climbers. The 10.0 Sensor is also equipped with the superDRY™ finish, giving the rope long-lasting resistance to dirt and water. Learn More

  8. Mammut Gym Rope 10.1

  9. Edelrid Anniversary Rope 9.7

  10. Edelweiss Diablo Unicore 10.2 Rope

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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