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Alpine Touring

Alpine Touring


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  1. Asnes Storetind Carbon Ski

  2. Voile V8 Ski

    Voile V8 Ski

    When we heard our brand new Voile V8 backcountry skis got this year's editor's choice in Backcountry Magazine, we tried our best to act surprised. After all we'd been skiing it all winter. We knew how great it was. How its wide shovel and tapered tail give it effortless, agile float. How its tighter sidecut radius and shortened running length keep it playful when you want it, and stable when you need it. How its revolutionary combination of next-gen hybrid rocker and legendary lightweight construction is so damn good, it blows the boots off of everyone who goes near it. All hail Voile V8 skis, the one true king of the big mountain backcountry. Learn More

  3. Volkl Nanuq Ski

    Volkl Nanuq Ski

    Backcountry Freeskiing With a shape of 131-96-114, the Nanuq features tip rocker for a smooth, forgiving ride no matter what the conditions. For skiers who want the width to float in powder with a lightweight, yet powerful ski, the Nanuq features our Multi Layer Wood Core Light and Power construction for rock-solid stability and edge grip. Learn More

  4. Volkl Nunataq Ski

    Volkl Nunataq Ski

    Backcountry Freeskiing Outside Magazine‘s Gear of the Year ski, the Nunataq features a shape of 139_107_123, for the AT skier seeking a rockered touring ski that is wide enough to take on deep powder descents. Thanks to Völkl’s ELP rocker design, the Nunataq is super maneuverable in deep snow, yet very smooth and precise should the skier encounter hard snow. Learn More

  5. Pomoca Race Pro 59mm

    Pomoca Race Pro 59mm

    The Dynafit Race Pro 59Mm is a helmet that is comfortable on the head while giving the protection needed on the slopes. It has a ventilation system on the back as well as slats in the front of the helmet. There is a clip where you can attach gear such as a light. Removable earmuffs help keep out the wind and cold. There is a knob that allows for easy adjustment to fit heads of any size. Learn More

  6. Pomoca Race Pro 62mm

    Pomoca Race Pro 62mm

    The quality of this 100 % mohair skin offers unrivalled gliding properties. The Race Pro model integrates POMOCA's exclusive glide improving Glide, antiglopping Ever Dry and waterproof Safer Skin technologies. Performance Developed by POMOCA's R&D laboratory, this skin is characterized by its highly specialized use. The lightweight and efficient Race Pro model ensures perfect gliding at all snow temperatures. The POMOCA RACE PRO is the first choice of the world elite in mountain skiing. Learn More

  7. Rocky Mountain Underground Apostle Ski

    Rocky Mountain Underground Apostle Ski

    Impossibly light for their size, and uniquely shaped for every snow condition, these are your one-ski ticket to the side-country. A versatile design with virtually no compromise, pound for pound, you cannot get a better ski than the Apostle. The Apostle is named after the well-known Three Apostles range near Leadville, Colorado. Learn More

  8. Kastle TX87 Ski

    Kastle TX87 Ski

    A backcountry dream: lightweight without compromising performance. Backcountry skiers will enjoy the way up, as much as they enjoy the way down. Learn More

  9. La Sportiva Hi5 Ski

    La Sportiva Hi5 Ski

    Four-hundred plus mm of early rise tip rocker make powder skiing a blast. Working your way through the resort to get to the slackcountry is effortless with traditional camber under foot. Flat tails and tip/tail skin attachment points keep it real in the mountains. The Hi5 is a lightweight fat ski that holds an edge and carves deep trenches all over the mountain - gimme 5! This ski excels as either an AT ski or with a telemark set up. The rocker tip keeps you on top of deep powder, wind affected crud and most importantly.........your game Learn More

  10. La Sportiva MegaLo5 Ski

    La Sportiva MegaLo5 Ski

    If sidecountry is your deal then you’ll dig the new MegaLo5. We beefed up the construction of the Lo5 by adding a gutsy vertically laminated Poplar wood core taken from Alpine ski construction. The MegaLo5’s traditional camber and extended sidecut can rip the piste all day and then take you out of bounds handling big drops, powder stashes and steep terrain with style and ease. It all adds up to a careful balance of power and playfulness for all-mountain skiers looking for one ski that can handle it all. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 33 total

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