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Amundsen Back Country is the perfect ski for long hikes with a backpack or sledge/sleighs.

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Amundsen is the perfect ski for long hikes with a backpack or sled/sleighs. Amundsen has a solid steel edge and are equipped with a distinct wax pocket. The wax pocket makes this ski suitable for pulling sleds and heavy loads. The ski is narrow enough to fit machine-groomed tracks. As all Åsnes models this ski is also delivered with the skin insert making it possible to use the X-skin.

Roald Amundsen (1872 – 1928) explorer, discoverer, researcher and aircraft pioneer. Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach both the South Pole and the North Pole. He also sailed through the Northwest Passage, and was among the first who started using airships and airplanes in the polar research.


  • Length: 170,175,180,187,194,201,208
  • Width: 67 57 62
  • Weight: 2020 g. (201 cm)
  • Material: poplar woodcore
  • Use: long winer hikes in moderate terrain

Ski length

Length is determined based on body length and weight. The table here is intended as an aid and must not be followed slavish. Skills, terrain, weight, backpack and individual needs / habits are factors that influence the choice of length.

General advice: Skiing rough terrain requires shorter skis than open mountain areas. For beginners, it will often be easier with short skis. If the person is lighter than average, the user should consider shorter skis, and vice versa. If you often got heavy load (pulk/sledge), the ski should be a bit longer.


Body length       Weight (kg)       Ski length   
145-155 cm – 55 170 cm
155-165 55-65 175
165-170 60-70 180
170-175 70-80 187
175-185 75-85 194
180-190 80-95 201
190 + 95 + 208

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