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The Black Diamond ReVolt is a powerful, versatile and rechargeable headlamp that has now been fully redesigned to be completely waterproof, making it adaptable for any nighttime mission. With 300 lumens of power, the ReVolt easily spots anchors while you rappel in the dark, proximity lighting gives you a large area of light for hiking down the trail and Programmable Brightness Memory gives you the option to set the light's brightness when first turned on.

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  • Lumens :  300
  •  Weight With Batteries :  89 g (3.1 oz)
  •  Max Distances :  [High] 80 m (alkaline)
  • [Low] 10 m (alkaline)
  •  Max Burn Time :  [High] 25 H (alkaline)
  • [Low] 180 H (alkaline)
  •  IPX Rating :  x8
  •  LED Type :  1 TriplePower, 2 SinglePower

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