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Rentals, Demos & Shop Work

Winter Rentals & Demos 

Ski Packages

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
AT Demo Package - Premium skis, boots, poles, skins $120 $120
AT Demo Resort Package - Premium skis, boots, poles - No skins       $100 $100
AT Demo Skis Only - Premium skis w/ bindings $60 $60
AT Package - Skis, boots, poles, skins $100 $60
AT Resort Package - Skis, boots, poles - No skins $80 $50
Tele Package - Skis, boots, poles, skins $100  $60 
Tele Resort Package - Skis, boots, poles - No skins  $80  $50 
XC Package (with skins) - Skis, boots, poles, skins $65 $40
XC Package (without skins) - Skis, boots, poles $50 $35


Test drive your dream skis with Neptune's premium demo fleet

Demo our premium skis for two days and apply your rental fee to any full price skis you buy afterwards. All demos are mounted with Dynafit or Helio Tech bindings and are perfectly equipped for various conditions and backcountry zones.


Ala-Cart Skis, Boots, Poles & Skins

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
AT Skis $40 $25
Tele Skis        $40 $25
XC Skis $25  $15 
AT Boots  $30  $20 
Tele Boots  $30  $20 
XC Boots  $20  $10 
AT/Tele Skins       $20  $10 
XC Skins  $15  $10 
Ski Poles  $10  $5 


Splitboard Packages

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
Demo Package $100 $100
Standard Package       $80 $80


Other Snow & Safety Rentals

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
Backcountry Safety Kit - Beacon, Shovel, Probe       $50 $15
Beacon $40 $10
Ski Pulk - Sled $40 $30 
Probe $10 $5
Shovel $10 $5
Adult Snowshoe $20 $10
Junior Snowshoe $10 $5


Ice Climbing Rentals

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
Technical Ice Tool - Pair of ice tools with modular heads $40 $25
Technical Crampons $25 $15
Mountaineering Boot $15 $10
Snow Crampons - w/ Horizontal front points $15 $10
Technical Piolet - Curved shaft mountain axe w/ fixed head       $15 $10
Piolet - Straight shaft mountain axe $10 $8


Ski Shop Work

Shop Services for Bindings

Service Cost
AT Binding Install $60
AT Fixed Heel Binding Install $100
Cable/NTN Tele Binding Install $60
3-Pin/NNN/SNS Install $30
Binding Removal w/ Plugs $15
Binding Adjust $15
Binding Adjust w/ Torque Test/Inspection       $35
Splitboard Binding Install $30
Misc. Binding Service $1/min


Shop Services for Skis

Service Cost
Pro Tune - Precision belt and stone grind and side edge (choose your angles), diamond hand-polished finish, hot iron Graphite, LF, or CH wax, Base repair up to 15" (non-core)       $80
Full Tune - Precision belt and stone grind, base and side edge sharpening, hot iron wax, scrape and buff, base repair up to 15" (non-core) $60
Basic Tune - Base and side edge sharpening, hot iron wax, scrape and buff $40
Storage Tune - End of season tune, polish edges free of rust, clean bases with citrusol, heavy wax coat on skis and edges (no scrape) $25
New Ski Prep - De-tune tip and tail, hand polish full edges, hot iron wax, scrape and buff $25
Hot Wax, Scrape and Buff $20
Hot Wax, No Scrape $15
Ski Clean $15



Service Cost 
Skin Trim $35 
Skin Tail Rivet  $30 
Base Repair - Minimum charge $5  $2/inch 
Base with Core Repair - Minimum charge $10       $10/inch 
Epoxy Repair - Minimum $10 charge $5/inch 
Pine Tar  $40 
Ferrule Replacement  $20 
Ski Pole Trim  $20 
Canister Refill  $10 
Beacon Update  $20 
Misc. Shop Work  $1/min 
Heli-Coil - Includes install  $5/each 
Quiver Killer Kit - $40 for additional skis  $120 

Discounts available for any equipment purchased at Neptune!

Did you purchase your gear at Neptune? Planning on purchasing your gear at Neptune? Ask our shop techs about special discounts on mounts, installs, adjustments, repairs and more. We appreciate you keeping it local and the least we can do is pay it forward in the shop!


Summer Rentals

Rental 1 Day       Add'l Day
Bear Keg $10 $5
Bouldering Crash Pad       $15 $15
Rock Shoes       $10 $5


  1. Renters must pay Full Retail for broken or damaged gear. 
  2. Up to 2 days of rentals may be applied toward purchase of regular, full priced like items (skis for skis, boots for boots, etc.)
  3. Customers must use rental credits within one month of first rental
  4. A $20 per rental, refundable deposit on ALL equipment.
  5. Minors must have a legal guardian sign for ALL gear and release equipment
  6. Call for current shop work date - (303)499-8866
  7. Shop work is ready for pickup the morning of the date on your work order form
  8. Restrictions may apply