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Avalanche Safety & Rescue

Avalanche Safety & Rescue

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  1. Ortovox Zoom+

    Ortovox Zoom+

    The ZOOM+ combines the simplest handling with the latest technology and the most advanced design. Reduced to two functional buttons, the ZOOM+ concentrates on intuitive usability. The focus on the clearly designed LED-display is on the on / off switches and the switch between transmitting and searching. Distances, directional arrows and information about several avalanche victims guide you in... Learn More

  2. Pieps DSP PRO

    Pieps DSP PRO

    The PIEPS DSP PRO is the successor to the legendary PIEPS DSP and ideal support for all mountaineering pros with high demand to their beacon. Learn More

  3. Pieps DSP Sport

    Pieps DSP Sport

    The PIEPS DSP SPORT is the dynamic 3 antenna beacon with a big range, ONE single button and the intelligent transmitting system for best support in every situation. Learn More

  4. Ortovox S1+ Transmitter

  5. Ortovox 3+ Transmitter

  6. Backcountry Access Tracker 3 Beacon

  7. Backcountry Access Tracker 2 Beacon

  8. Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit

    Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit

    Organize all your essential snow study tools together in a zippered snow study kit equipped with a slope meter, 10x magnifying loupe, aluminum crystal card, and analog thermometer. Includes: aluminum crystal card, slope meter, analog thermometer, and 10x magnifying loupe. Weight: 11 ounces / 280 grams Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.7 x 1.5 in / 20 x 15.5 x 4 cm Learn More

  9. Backcountry Access 10X Mag Loupe

    Backcountry Access 10X Mag Loupe

    Make informed decisions while traveling in avalanche territory using the Backcountry Access 10X Mag Loupe. This loupe displays microscopic views of crystal formations in order to make an educated travel choice. The Backcountry Access 10X Mag Loupe features a folding metal base with glass lens that unfolds for simple and quick focusing. In addition, the loupe's base contains a viewing window with outlined markings in millimeter and 1/4 inch increments. Learn More

  10. Backcountry Access Bc Link

Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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