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Visit One of the Largest Collections of Mountaineering History in the Country

The famed Neptune Museum displays one of the most extensive collections of mountaineering artifacts in the country. In the late 1970’s, founder Gary Neptune began to fill the shop with displays from his personal collection of climbing and skiing memorabilia. 

Inspired by a lifelong fascination with history, Gary enjoyed collecting gear used by the early pioneers of climbing and skiing. Not only was he a collector, he sought to repeat classic outdoor objectives using the original gear and equipment to view the experience from a different perspective. 

Once the outdoor community got word of Gary's project, people began donating items for the museum from around the world. In an interview with Elevation Outdoors Gary explains,

"I began putting some of my own gear on the walls as I replaced it, and within a short time this grew into a small and historically relevant collection. Now it really is a museum with displays that tell the stories. We also host lectures nearly every week, and a significant number of the presentations are made by people who are an important part of the history. Some of the best known are Peter Habeler, Reinhold Messner, Kurt Diemberger, Sir Chris Bonington, Goran Kropp, Rune Gjeldnes, Royal Robbins, among many others."


Try not to shudder as you imagine climbing with the first belay devices and pro. See how climbing has evolved over the years -from  Chouinard's first hand-forged alloy carabiners to stories of Hunter Ingalls' prolific desert ascents, to the modern equipment we sell today. 


Marvel at the advancement of ski tech in the last century. Our collection of gear and photos dates back to 1901 - including solid plank skis, leather boots, and six-pin bindings. You'll be sure to appreciate present-day innovations!


Travel back in time with stories, photos, and gear from the earliest expeditions in mountaineering history - boots from Hillary's summit of Mount Everest, pitons from the first ascent of the Eiger, and fur suits for warmth in Antarctica. 

With artifacts dating back over 100 years, [Neptune’s] worth a visit just to gaze at the amazing collection of gear, photos and autographs.

by Boulder Adventure Lodge (A-Lodge)

Museum Hours

Visit the museum for free anytime during regular store hours. 

We are currently open M-F 10am-7pm and Weekends 9am-7pm.


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