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  • Renters must pay Full Retail for broken or damaged gear. 
  • A $20 per rental, refundable deposit on ALL equipment.  ($50 for each pair of skis)
  • Minors must have a legal guardian sign for ALL gear and release equipment
  • Restrictions may apply
  • All equipment returned dirty will result in loss of deposit
  • Call for current shop work date - (303)499-8866
  • Shop work is ready for pickup the morning of the date on your work order form





Cost is per rental day   Shop Rate is $60 per hour  
Telemark Skis $25                     Full Tune (P-tex, stone grind, machine edge, hand finish, hot wax/scrape/buff)  **Core shots extra**    $50
Telemark Boots $20                     Tune (machine edge/hand finish, hot wax/scrape/buff) $35
Alpine Touring Skis  $25                      Quickie Tune (machine edge, machine wax)  $25
Alpine Touring Boots  $20                     Machine Edge / Hand Finish $20
Splitboard (includes skins, bindings)  $65                      Custom Edge Bevels (shop standard: 1 degree base / 1 degree side)                                      ADD $10
XC Skis  $20                      Storage Tune (same as a tune with no scrape) $25
XC Boots  $20                      Hot Wax, Scrape, Buff  $20
Skinlock Shins  $10                      Hot Wax, No Scrape  $15
AT / Tele Skins  $20                      New Ski Prep (De-tune tip/tail, hot wax/scrape/buff) $20
XC Skins  $15                      New XC Ski Prep (De-tune tip/tail, hot wax with polar and corked in)  $20
Snow Shovels  $5                      Base/Edge Repairs                                                                                                               SHOP RATE
Ski Poles  $10                      Ski Cleaning (may be required before work)  $20
Sleds  $35                      Pine Tar Clean Skis (cleaning is extra)  $35
Snowshoes  $12                      Custom Trim Skins To Fit Skis  $35 
Wax Kits  $5                      Trim Skins Purchased @Neptune  $20 
Mountaineering Axe  $10                      Install Riveted Tail Hooks  $30 
Mountaineering / Technical Crampons       $15                      Airbag Canister Refill (customer provides parts)  $10 
Mountaineering Boots $15                      Change Airbag Canister Parts (customer provides parts) $10
Technical Ice Tools $30                      Beacon Update (Pieps and Ortovox only) $20
Rock Shoes $10                      Cut Ski Poles To Lenght (aluminum poles only) $30
Crash Pad $15                      Replace Ski Pole Ferrules (each) $15
Igloo Maker $25                      Tent Pole Section Repair (aluminum poles only, price per section) $15
Bear Keg $5                      Tent Pole Shock Cord Replacement (price per foot) $0.40
Cleaning Fee                                     Loss of deposit                     Custom Boot Fitting (please note average cost is about $50 - $60 per fitting)        SHOP RATE +  Materials
















3 Pin + Nordic System Bindings        $25
AT Bindings   $40 
Cable + NTN Bindings   $40 
Remove Bindings   $10
AT Race / Custom Bindings SHOP RATE
Template Installs ADD $20 
Use of Epoxy ADD $10 
Install with Two Boots ADD $15 
Quiver Killer & Binding Freedom First set $100 
  Second set   $50 
(only for bindings on our list)    
(includes inserts)    
(Binding Freedom machine screws - $1/screw, Quiver Killer     
specific screws can be purchase from