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  • Renters must pay Full Retail for broken or damaged gear. 
  • A $20 per rental, refundable deposit on ALL equipment.  ($50 for each pair of skis)
  • Minors must have a legal guardian sign for ALL gear and release equipment
  • Restrictions may apply
  • All equipment returned dirty will result in loss of deposit
  • Call for current shop work date - (303)499-8866
  • Shop work is ready for pickup the morning of the date on your work order form



AT Binding Install*   $50
AT Fixed Heel Binding Install*   $65
Cable/NTN Tele Binding Install*   $50
3-Pin/NNN/SNS Install*   $30
Binding Removal w/ Plugs   $15
Binding Adjust    $15
Binding Adjust w/ Torque Test/Inspection   $35
Misc. Binding Service   $1/min
Split-board binding Install   $30
Install with Two Boots  ADD  $15 
Quiver Killer & Binding Freedom  1st Set  $40
Use of Epoxy ADD $10
*50% off with the purchase of 2 of the following: Skis, Boots, Bindings. Free with the purchase of all three




Pro Tune $80 Precision belt and stone grind, base and side edge (pick your bevel angles), diamond hand-polished finish, hot Iron Graphite, LF or CH wax (of your choice) Base repair up to 15" (non-core)
Full Tune $60 Precision belt and stone grind, base and side edge sharpening, w/ hot iron wax, scrape, and buff, Base repair up to 15" (non-core)
Basic Tune $40 Base and side edge sharpening, w/ hot iron wax, scrape, and buff
Storage Tune $25 End of Season tune - polish edges free of rust, clean bases with citrusol, generously coat skis and edges with wax (do not scrape)
New Ski Prep $25 De-tune tip and tail, polish full edges by hand, and hot wax, scrape, and buff     *Scan with purchase of skis, then discount 
Premium Hot Wax, Scrape, Buff $30 Choose Wax
Hot Wax, Scrape, Buff $20  
Hot Wax, No Scrape $15  
Ski Clean $15  
Skin Trim $35  
Skin Tail Rivet $30  
Base Repair $2/inch  
Base w/ Core Repair $10/inch  
Epoxy Repair $5/inch  
Pine Tar $40  
Ferrule Replacement $20  
Ski Pole Trim $20  
Canister Refill $10  
Beacon Update $20  
Misc. Shop Work $1/minute  
Heli-Coil $5/each  




       **Please note there may be some exceptions. Do not hesitate to ask a ski tech.**
Alpine Touring      
Diamir Fritschi Explorer**Check plastic Eagle New Freeride Pro
  Titanal **Check plastic Scout Old Freeride Pro **Check plastic
Dynafit TLT Speed TLT Radical ST Speed Superlight 1 & 2.0
  TLT Comfort TLT Radical FT Low Tech Race
  TLT Vertical ST TLT Radical Speed Beast 14 & 16
  TLT Vertical FT TLT Radical 2.0 ST & FT RC1(Template add $20)
  Expedition(Template add $20)  
Fischer Tour Classic (Rad 2 ST) Tour Race (Low Tech Race) Tour Freeride 14 (Beast 14)
G3 Onyx Ruby Ion (All Versions)
  ***G3 recommends EPOXY for aggressive skiers on all their bindings
Hagan/ATK ZR    
La Sportiva/ATK RT RT Race RSR
Look HM 12  (Rad 2.0 FT) Tour Race (Low Tech Race)  
Marker Tour 10 & 12 Tour EPF 10 & 12 Kingpin 10 & 13
  Baron Baron EPF  
  Duke Duke EPF  
Movement Speed Tracks (Speed Rad) Free Tracks (Rad 2.0 ST) Light Tech Movement (L.T. Race)
Naxo ***PLEASE sell customer another binding***  
Plum Guide(All Versions) Yak Race
Ski Trab TR Race TR Race Adjustable TR 2
Silvretta Easy Go  500 400
  Pure 404 300
22 Designs Hammerhead Axl Outlaw NTN
  Bombshell Vice  
G3 Enzo Targa(All Versions) Ascent(All Versions)
    ***Check cartridges  
Rottefella Cobra(All Versions) NTN Freedom NTN Freeride(All Generations)
Voile Switchback 3-Pin Cable Hardwire Cable
  Switchback X2    
Black Diamond O1 ***BD recommends O2 O3
7TM Tour Power Tour  
Bishop Bomber Bomber 2.0  
Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Cable  
Rottefella NNN NNN BC(Auto & Manual Super Telemark
  NNN Magnum    
Salomon SNS SNS BC  
**Will install most 75mm 3-Pin bindings and system bindings including Fischer, Rossingnol, and Alpina**
Quiver Killers & Binding Freedom - $100 for first set of holes(includes inserts only) $50 for each additional set of   
holes. ***Will only install for bindings on above list.*** See tech.